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Dec 6, 2012 5:00pm PST
in a second. our dublin cam, it's still cloudy out there. many of you didn't hit 60 inland. santa rosa around 53. it didn't rain which is rare. it has rained in the bay area. 12 of the past 20 days. but now we are in a dry pattern. hi-def doppler no rainfall on it nor do we expect any for the next five days. i do expect it to be chilly tonight. mid-40s for free. low 40s in napa. we'll be talking about fog. 40s in fremont. cloud cover all day long in the central valley. when that low cloud cover moves into the bay area we call it tule fog and we'll see that once again tonight. that's the source of our low cloud cover during the day. it will be the source of our fog coming up tomorrow morning. so fog and low cloud cover especially inland closer to the central valley coming up tomorrow morning. once that fog burns off we get back to high pressure. high pressure will be here for five straight days will be sunny and dry through the week and i know you have a long christmas or holiday shopping list. you will have ample opportunity to get outside on saturday and sunday. whether it's the indoor mall
Dec 3, 2012 5:00pm PST
. will not exacerbate any flooding problems. it's just going to be your garden variety rainfall. that's it. santa rosa tonight 47. napa 47. oakland down to 51. you will wake up tomorrow morning to 49 in redwood city and mountain view, san jose 50. a little above normal because of the cloud cover that's moving in. so there is another weather system heading to the bay area. there is also juice in the atmosphere and there's an area of high pressure that's sendingle storm track just far enough to the north that the heavier rainfall will move into far northern california and we are just going to get some light to moderate rainfall. it's a subtle change but enough of a change to alleviate flooding concerns around here in the bay area. so we have a storm system moving by tomorrow. we'll have a front dragging through but any heavy rainfall will likely stay away. you're just going to get plain old rainfall. that's it. on-and-off rain throughout the day. flooding not a concern. this is the long- range outlook. the entire west coast from oregon to mexico is forecast to be drier than normal so you want some dry w
Dec 4, 2012 5:00pm PST
to pour all day long. still cloudy but no rain yet except for the north bay up towards santa rosa where you're at 55. san jose, livermore 61. oakland 62. concord 58 degrees. have you noticed how cloudy it's been? out of the past 19 days almost the past three weeks we have only had three sunny days. i'm showing you this graphic not to disappoint you but to let you know something is going to be changing and sunshine will come back not tonight or tomorrow. high-def doppler radar tracking showers primarily in the north bay and offshore. rain for everybody tomorrow but several more hours before that rain moves into san jose, fremont, oakland and redwood city. your lows tonight in the low 50s. concord 51. a little milder tonight because we have cloud cover. another cloudy day today. but there's a difference between this weathermaker and the past several. one, it's not as juicy. there's not as much moisture in the atmosphere and two, we have an area of high pressure building in from the south which has shoved the storm track farther up to the north. it's pouring in seattle. it's pouring in por
Dec 5, 2012 5:00pm PST
weather camera towards a very foggy, low 60s in santa rosa. we should anticipate fog in the evening hours still lingering mist around down san jose. that's a pretty view. 26 degrees westerlies at 8 miles per hour, 62 degrees. this evening just a few scattered stray showers for the most part beginning our drying trend. and thursday, it will turn sunny by the afternoon hours. the extended forecast i think you will enjoy the seven-day forecast. first mild with the clouds into the 50s and 40s. it looks like this area of low pressure really began to fall apart at the seams once it banged up across the northwestern section of the state of california. and in fact, little snow is to be found in the high sierra. we had a lot of warmer air mass associated with this. okay. let's put this into gear. it's our futurecast. placing the rain showers out of here. notice that right there tomorrow morning's commute. a drying trend begins. it will be sunny and bright and temperatures actually spot on for this time of the year. so what does that mean for tomorrow's raider game hosting the broncos at 5 p.m.? 58
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4